Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Octopus

Here is a fun style that is quick and simple. The Octopus.

Styling Products Used

Babycakes Hair and Body Butter - applied to damp hair to seal in moisture
Babycakes Honey Butter - applied to damp hair, after Hair and Body Butter, to help hold braids
Water/Oil mixture in spray bottle (about 6 oz distilled water with 1 oz combination of oils - jojoba, argan, olive, vitamin E, or others) - applied as necessary to keep hair damp while working with it

Tools Used

Boar bristle brush - to brush out lint and fuzz that may be in the hair
Wide tooth comb - to detangle
Pintail comb - to make parts
Alligator clips - to hold hair
Dry washcloth - to wipe product off of hands as necessary


Working with damp hair, either after washing or wetting with spray bottle,
make a part vertically down the center and secure one side with alligator clips.

Make a part horizontally across the top of the head, dividing the hair into 4 equal sections,
moving the clips as necessary and securing each section as it is formed.
Divide each of the 4 sections evenly to make 8 equal wedges, securing each section with a clip.
Before braiding each section, detangle and apply products to hair, rewetting as necessary.

Use alligator clips to hold down the ends of braids until dry.

 The Finished Style

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