Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zig-Zag Cornrows

I like to keep Scholar's hairstyles simple. I have two toddlers, so needless to say, I am kept busy. A lot. I do not have the time or energy to spend hours on hair and, being a toddler, Scholar does not like to sit for long. Besides, while I am working on Scholar's hair, that means Explorer is running free. Without supervision. This can spell disaster. I must try to keep Explorer occupied while doing Scholar's hair. Sometimes I am successful, other times, not so much. So, we try to keep the styles simple and quick.
(I can't bear the thought of cutting off his hair, though it would be much easier to care for. But those beautiful curls are just perfect! For now, the curls stay and we style as needed.)

I'll try to let the pictures guide you through this style with as little written instruction as possible.

For the Zig-Zag Cornrows I used:

Pintail comb
Boar bristle brush (for brushing out lint and tangles)
Alligator clips
Spray bottle with water and oils
Babycakes' Hair and Body Butter and Honey Butter

Click HERE to see more about the tools and products I use.


I started by applying Hair and Body Butter to freshly washed, damp hair.
With the pintail comb, I made a part horizontally, across the middle of the top of his head,
but made it on a slight diagonal.
The right side of the part is in front of his right ear.
The left side of the part is over his left ear.
I used alligator clips to hold back the portion of hair under the part.

Next, I started a second part at the right end of the first part.
This part was made slightly horizontal towards the front of his head.
The two parts made a nice wedge shape.
I used an alligator clip to hold this wedge of hair to be braided later.

I cornrowed the hair that was loose along the front edge.

I first wet the hair again, brushed as necessary and applied Honey Butter (I did this with each cornrow.)
I started the row on the left and braided it to the right, ending the braid with a coil and a little more Honey Butter.

Side view of first braid

I braided the wedge of hair (that was being held by the clips) from the right to the left.

I made another part, this time starting at the left of the part above it
and moving in a horizontal direction toward the back and right.

I cornrowed this third section of hair from the left to the right.
Then, I made a new part in the same fashion as above.
I cornrowed the fourth section from the right to the left,
then cornrowed the remaining hair from the left to the right.

Completed Zig-Zag Cornrows

I was able to make 5 wedge-shaped rows.

From the front

This is what Explorer was doing while I was styling Scholar's hair. Excuse the pants falling off. Apparently, he is too skinny for most pants that are long enough for him.
He could have been doing much worse things, so I was happy that ALL he was doing was playing with a chair on the couch.


  1. That looks so cool! how can you braid so tiny? I never understood how it's done.

    1. I just realized that I never answered you. Sorry!

      It helps that I used to braid my Barbies' hair all the time. You just have to pick up a tiny little bit of hair at a time. It takes a long time! I never thought I could do it before I tried, but now it seems like I've been doing it forever. It would help if he wasn't so wiggly, though. :)