Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars

Quite accidentally, I came up with an amazing recipe for lotion bars. I was trying to make a lotion without coconut oil in it. I use coconut oil for almost everything, but Explorer has been complaining of being itchy after I use our normal lotion on him. Thinking it may be the coconut oil, I wanted to try a lotion without coconut oil. I also needed something to use on my hands as they were getting very dry from the weather and the constant hand washing.

Lotions and Potions
I went to my Lotions and Potions cabinet and perused my available ingredients. I decided to go with a base of cocoa butter and add ingredients that would promote skin health. The result was a hard lump of product that would be difficult to scoop out of a jar. I could either add more liquid oils, whip the mixture or make lotion bars. So I melted it back down and poured it into a mini brownie pan. Lotion bars! They worked very well and smelled delicious! But they tended to crumble when they got too warm in my hands.

I remade the lotion bars, this time adding beeswax and making a few other minor adjustments. VoilĂ ! Not only does the beeswax keep the bars from melting too quickly, it also makes the skin softer and keeps the moisture locked in longer it seems. This recipe has ingredients to help heal skin and keep it moisturized. A necessity for the cold, dry winters we have here, combined with the drying effect of washing hands throughout the day.

The small bars are ideal for keeping near the sink and using after every hand washing, but they were not working so well for applying to the boys when I needed to cover their whole bodies with lotion. I ordered a couple soap molds and got to work making larger sized lotion bars. The new bars are about the size of a small bar of soap. They are just right for using on the boys. The boys can even help put their own lotion on now.

To use the bars, I rub them between my hands until I have enough lotion and then rub it into my skin. It is a little oily for a minute or so, but soaks in quickly. With the larger bars, I can rub the bar directly on the boys' arms, legs and torsos and then massage it into their skin.

For the large lotion bars I used:
1/4 cup beeswax
3/4 cup cocoa butter
4 tsp olive oil
4 tsp sweet almond oil
2 tsp vitamin E oil
2 tsp argan oil
1 tsp tea tree oil (optional)
20 drops lavender essential oil (or peppermint essential oil)

This made 4 large bars. It would make about 10 small bars.

Click over to One Drop for the full instructions for making the lotion bars. The instructions and ingredients list there are for making 5 or 6 small bars (2 large bars). Use the amounts listed above to make 4 large bars or about 10 small bars.

Lotion Bars in new mold (purchased on Amzaon)

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