Monday, August 18, 2014

My Boys with Braids Matter to Me

This is not related to hair. But this is related to my boys. In the light of events over the past week, and events that occur all to frequently, I posted these on my other blog. I thought it would be appropriate to share the links here. These are my opinions and feelings as a White transracial adoptive mom to Black boys.

An Open Letter to my White Friends and Family

But I'm Not a Racist

Feel free to share these links with your family and friends.

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  1. Finally sitting down to read these in a rare quiet moment after months of craziness in our house. I was moved in my spirit when you said that sadly, MLK's words are still for today. I don't know what that means in my own life yet, but I do know that I can be more aware of racism going on around me that I might not even realize. I love you and your boys and to me, there is no distinction of race, only people made by God. I thank you for making people aware (including me) that racism still exists.